Don't believe all the hype?? See fir yersel'!

Every year we have loads of Scotland's top DJs, take a look at some of our videos to see the madness!

Irn Bru

That's right, we stock Irn-Bru. We're no fake Scottish bar, we are the real deal, real scottish owners, managers, djs and staff.


Yes we even sell Buckfast - how more Scottish could we be?


We have a range of ciders and all the other drinks you know and like from back home!

Home of the maddest party in the West End! Jack Eye Jones & the Storm Babes!!

They've brought Mark Knight, Mallorca Lee, Jon Mancini, K-Klass, William Daniel & many more. And this year they are teaming up with the legendry Colours (The Arches Glasgow, Coloursfest, etc)

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